About us
Economic Building Systems is a small advice and building company run by Andries van Houwelingen. He has more then 25 years experience as a contractor in the private house building and in bigger building projects and also as entrepreneur in building materials trading and leading a D.I.Y. shop.

In the year 2002 the company Economic Building Systems S.L. started in Spain. Leaving Holland was first motivated by the challenge to start up a new company in a foreign country. Spain was chosen because this country was about to begin with the Ytong building material.

We are very enthusiastic about the energy saving and environmentally friendly Ytong product that makes it possible to build in a cheap and fast way.
We do think however that the quality of the Spanish build not is what it should be and we see it as a challenge to improve it and to follow the European regulations in that matter. Our experience of many years in the building profession and using the Ytong product for many years we are very well able to teach construction workers how to use the Ytong product and how they should apply the various construction techniques.

Our enthusiasm and believe in the Ytong product has not been unnoticed by the Spanish Xella organisation who brings the Ytong product up to the Spanish market. By their request we have started the training course for Ytong users.
If desired we continue the training on the building site where we support the construction workers and check their working.

In following of the good Spanish custom the Ytong outer walls will be plastered. We advice in the correct choice and application of the plaster of which the outside layer will be hard put to it in the Spanish climate.
Our choice to use plaster from Strikolith has recently led to a dealership for Economic Building Systems in Strikolith products in Spain. With Xella we came to the conclusion that Strikolith makes a good combination with the Ytong product.

On the other pages of our website you will see that we deliver more products. We believe that those products with their first-rate quality perfectly subscribes to our view.